Stop your work




Losing your money...

You often tie a knot like this…

Tired of this, right?

Oh YOU must be MAD!!!

Wood Working

Household Cleaning

Construction Industry

But if you can give people a solution for their common concern?

Lockable Never comes unplugged

Simpleness Easy to lock the plug

Light Take to your place

Replacement Apply to 12-16AWG cord

High class ETL certified

All the imagination of your desired solution, 2-LOK will bring to YOU !

It is the innovative extension socket ,which special characteristic is locking the plug after

the plug is insert in the socket. With Easily locking technology 2-LOK will be flooded to

our each family and all industries.

SECURITY: 2-LOK is more safe when people lock the plug. The family would like to

choose to protect their kids.

ECOMOMIZE: There is no downtime and Inefficiencies. The workers will like to use.

PROMOTE: It is new product that suits for promotion, innovate products will catch

more eyes .

2-LOK is the new standard to support your guests in construction industry!


New lockable extension socket - the simple way to lock

More views…

·Power cord: Different length of 25’ and 50’

and100’ with Elegant packing.

·Replacement: If the cord gets cut, the 2-lok

canbe moved and re-installed at the

undamaged section.

·Packing: Exquisite packing showed different


·Lock the plug simply and firmly.

·Unlock is easy as well.

·DIY, You can replace the undamaged

stection by yourself.

·ETL certified for 2-LOK.

·UL certified for power cord and male plug.

2-LOK is easy to be customized YOUR BRANDING

Get more revenue.

Highly visible

Change and improve life habit

Significant Effects

More repeat business

Innovative way to connect to your customer

These all belongs to YOU


Construction industry

Heavy duty application

Auto beauty


Sound and stage





Your customers can enjoy and will spread to more people

while impressed YOUR BRAND

Locking wall plug

Locking wall plug



The first locking wall receptacle on the market

No more plugs popping out of the socket

WG for Power cord and male plug

ETL for 2-LOK

Q: What is 2-LOK?

A: 2-LOK is new and innovate extension socket, it can lock the plug that never comes unplugged.

Q: Do you sell only the 2-Lok or the 2-Lok with extension cord?

A: Not only sell 2-lok but also sell 2-lok with extension cord.

Q: What length of cords do you have?

A: There are 3 different size ,they are 25ft,50ft and 100ft.

Q: What's the cost of that extension wire?

A: Depend on the length and width

Q: Are the cords UL approved?

A: We have ETL approved.

Q: Master pack, MOQ, warranty.

A: Paper pack, MOQ is 3000pcs,one year guarantee for socket.